Platinum Global Services Ltd. acts as distributing agent for various registered agents and licensed corporate services providers in different on- and offshore jurisdictions and offers to its clients bespoke and tailor-made solutions for different business processes.
We offer services from following jurisdictions by consulting our clients in a case to case approach to achieve optimal and solid base for smooth corporate life cycle:
-       European Economic Area: Austria, Luxembourg, Holland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Tchech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Jersey, Guernsey
-       Asia: Dubai, Bahrain, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore
-       America: Canada
-       Other: British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Barbados, Bahamas, Seychelles, Belize, New Zealand and many more
Due to our extensive experience in these jurisdictions we keep track on current developments inside these jurisdictions as well as their international standing and perception. We perceive our strength in the fact that we combine our experience from past development with the understanding of likely hoods of future events and take a risk-based approach when consulting the clients to use one or another jurisdiction for his/her business.
Our speciality is to provide a holistic approach to clients needs by examining the situation from different angles, combining such aspects as banking and financing needs, future development plans, counter-party management, level of due diligence needs, marketing and political flavouring, corporate governance, juridical stability and likelihood of corporate litigations, personal preferences of the client and his affinity to one or other jurisdiction, its culture, language and geographical comfort, age and family situation and many more. We analyse every aspect of clients life and the life of his/her business and his/her environment. 

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